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Indian Food : Dal Ke Paranthe (Paratha)

Dal Ke Paranthe (Paratha)

Wheat flour : 500 gm
Ajwain : ½ tsp.
Mung dal : 100 gm
Kala jeera : ½ tsp
Salt : to taste
Saunf : ½ tsp
Red chilly : ½ tsp.
Oil : "2 tsp.
Garam masala : ½ tsp.
SCoriander (finely chopped) : for flavour
Dhaniya : ½ tsp.
Ghee for making parantha : 150 gms.

Soak mungdal for 5-6 hours. Take wheat flour. Mix salt, mungdal, red chilly, garam masala, dhaniya, ajwain, kala jeera, saunf, oil and chopped coriander. Make a dough with the help of water. The dough should be soft. Roll into 15-20 parathas and shallow fry till crisp. Serve it with Sabz-e-Sangar